Justine Peyrot

Hello, I'm a digital producer
at Merci-Michel, a digital
production house based in Paris.



Communication 360°

Montblanc takes the reverse side of "digital everywhere" and launch a new campaign for revalue the importance of cursive writing.

H4 - November 2015

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Yves Rocher

Project manager

Yves Rocher account management during my internship at 5emeGauche. This is one of my project, the gift card's website.

5emeGauche - October 2015

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Fondation ARPE

Project manager

Fondation ARPE is a non profit foundation established in Switzerland. We act in the field of art, research, partnerships and education.

H3 - June 2015

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Motion Design

Motion design project development for Synerg'hetic birthday at HETIC. Synerg'hetic is the junior-company of HETIC.

H3 - March 2015

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Road safety

Communication 360°

Inform about regulations of the highway code. Create awareness campaigns against the dangers of the road.

H3 - Janvier 2015

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Château de Versailles

Project manager / UX Designer

Give a new digital breath to the palace's website, propose new services with a more relevant communication strategy.

H3 - November 2014

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Mont Blanc

Front-end developer

I worked as a developper for part of the
Mont Blanc's website during my internship at Cheval de Troie.

Cheval de Troie - July 2014

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Marvel Arena

Back-end & Front-end developer

Use Marvel API to bring their different heroes into challenges/confrontations via a voting system with automatic tweets.

H2 - April 2014

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I am Justine Peyrot, I'm 24 and live in Paris. Welcome on my portfolio which presents a selection of my best work. I'm currently a fifth year student at HETIC (webschool based in Paris). Fascinated by the Web and the entrepreneurship found there since I started studying at HETIC and at Synerg'hetic.


Project Management

Arrived at HETIC with the will to be a project manager, I developed at first an affinity with Web development. Then I explored other horizons such as design and web development. I gained experience working as a project manager on these different websites as I had to change my outlook and perspective each time and look at the project with fresh eyes to create something new, different and exciting. During my internship at 5emeGauche, a digital agency in Paris and at Melon Rouge Agency, a communication agency based in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), I learned to manage several customers in a professional context and in english.

UX / Account planning

Since my first year I appreciate the reflection and conception stages of a project. During my third year I had the opportunity to increase my skills in communication. I liked the idea of conceiving campaign by thinking about the user and the client. I wish to continue and to learn it more.Futher to two projets where we had to create an advertising campaign 360° for the road safety then Montblanc. I realize that I appreciated a lot and excelled working on this domain. I wish to know more about it and the job of strategic planner.

President of Synerg'hetic

Since I entered HETIC I wanted to participate actively in the life of the school, and soon became the President of So'hetic, the student association. I am also the President 2015/2016 of Synerg'hetic the junior-company who obtained the Communication Label in 2012. In 2016, we won the Challenge Juniors Partners with another junior-company and the Entrepreneur's label. To finish we are for the first time a member of the 8 best juniors-companies of France in 2016 !



Digital Project Manager


Melon Rouge Agency

Digital Project Manager

July 2016 to December 2016



May 2015 to May 2016


Junior Project Manager

July to October 2015

Cheval de troie

Web developer

July to September 2014



May 2013 to May 2014

Avanquest software

Marketing assistant

June to July 2012